Brick goes to Wilderness Jesus Jam in ‘The Middle’

Brick goes away on a church camp retreat weekend and accidentally breaks the news to a bunkmate that they were switched at birth in “The Confirmation” episode of The Middle (Season 8, Episode 19).

Brick goes to Rev. Tim Tom’s Wilderness Jesus Jam to get a crash course in theology to prepare for his confirmation at church but ends up clashing with a bunkmate named Blake, who he later discovers is “thee Blake Ferguson.”

“We’re practically brothers,” Brick says when he finds out Blake’s last name. “Whey aren’t you more excited about this. You’re acting like you’ve never heard this story before. You’ve never heard this story before.”

Blake is actually a call-back to season two of The Middle when Brick’s “A Birthday Story” is revealed. The problem is, Brick knows that his dad was so distracted by a football game that he took the wrong baby out of the nursery after his mom stole the Fergusons room in the hospital, but Blake has no idea he spent the first month of his life with the Hecks.

Blake accuses Brick of lying and the argument so confounds Rev. Tim Tom he can’t even write a song about it (though by episode’s end he does play a song over the closing credits).

Brick tells his parents when he gets home that he learned what a plague of boils is, memorized the Apostle’s Creed, learned that third base is “quite a bit further than I thought” and that they’ll never believe who he met.

Before he event gets to tell them the doorbell rings and it’s the Fergusons ready to give the Hecks an earful for Brick breaking the news to Blake.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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