Bring back SMORZ cereal petition

Smorz cereal was replaced late last year by a new S’mores version of Krave and the reviews for the new cereal have been pretty brutal, hardly the kind of response Kellogg’s was looking for when discontinuing a popular cereal and replacing it with another.

If you aren’t a fan of Krave S’mores and want to get Kellogg’s attention, there’s a “Bring back SMORZ cereal” petition you can sign over at

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. What were you guys thinking discontinuing the greatest cereal ever!? First uncrustables grilled cheese sandwiches (yes I know not your fault) and now this atrocity of an idea by replacing it? Excuse me for my rudeness, all I’m saying please bring back smorz. Only cereal I actually enjoy, my five older sisters are slowly but steadily going insane ever since they vanished from the shelves

  2. I must say that this is insane!! I tried the new Krave cereal & they really are disgusting compared to the Classic Original Smorz. I haven’t purchased another box of the Krave s’mores & will never purchase another box & to be truly honest, when friends & family ask how the cereal are I must be honest & say that they are not that great. Smorz was the best cereal for me, my daughter, several other family members & even friends.. BIG MISTAKE DISCONTINUING SMORZ!!!!!!

  3. Moved back to dfw in may of 2013 and have been looking for my s’more cereal thinking such a huge area would have them somewhere….didn’t know till today they were discontinued as I asked my roommate to look at a new store he was going to..and manager told him they had been discontinued…had to look it up NOOOOOO please bring them back I don’t eat much variety of cereal but I could go thru Smorz like cray cray
    Is this the petition? Right?

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