Bunheads – Camp Wannapamothpa


A summer away at camp might as well be an eternity for a high school relationship. Already this season of television we’ve seen a delayed break-up after a return home from camp in NBC’s Parenthood (the relationship has since been rekindled in a dramatic way).

In a recent episode of ABC Family’s Bunheads, one of the show’s main characters, Bettina “Boo” Jordan (Kaitlyn Jenkins) is surprised by her boyfriend Carl Cramer (Casey Adler) returning home early from his summer away at Camp Wannapamothpa.

She’s nervous, flustered and a little upset that he’s spoiled her welcome home plans but happy to hear that while other campers were “swimming and fornicating” he was carving her a bow and set of arrows. “Because you like the Hunger Games so much,” he says, tossing his camp craft project to her. “It’s crude but it will do some damage.” For her part, Boo confesses to seeing Magic Mike twice. Carl’s reply is what gives the episode its name, “Channing Tatum is a fine actor.”

Later, Boo and Carl go out to dinner with Carl’s parents where she overhears him telling his mom he might marry her some day. Thinking he might ask her to marry him, Boo gets ahead of herself by anxiously pitching a plan to Carl for them to get married right after high school and stay in married people housing in college. Carl calms her down, saying it’s too early to get married and like a true camper already thinking about the next summer says he doesn’t want to miss his last year of summer camp. “It comes with hot dog privileges,” he explains.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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