Review: Bunk’d ‘Luke’s Back’

“Luke, what are you doing here and will I have to lie to the police about anything?” -Ravi

Luke, the only Ross sibling who isn’t spending the summer at Camp Kikiwaka, makes a cameo in the “Luke’s Back” episode of Bunk’d (Season 1, Episode 12).

The older brother on the original Disney Channel show Jessie, Luke (Cameron Boyce) has been away at summer school and shows up under the pretense of needing Ravi to help him with his school work. His introduction to the show is, unsurprisingly, playing a prank on Ravi, waking him up with the shaving cream and feather trick he calls Sleeping Santa (Ravi calls it “not funny the first ten times.”)

Not long after Luke’s arrival, Ravi finds himself in a confrontation with the guys from Camp Champion and is determined to not let his big brother fight his battles for him. So determined he challenges Camp Champion ringleader Eric (Peyton List’s twin brother Spencer List) to an archery battle. The winner gets the Spot, the popular hangout place where Emma and Xander like to go “to chat.”

Luke, meanwhile, creates some trouble for Emma by tickling her just the right way so she’ll snort in front of Xander. Xander tries to make up for Emma’s embarrassment by sharing that he has a fake little toe of all things but both find it difficult not to bust on each other for their imperfections. The other small storyline of the episode is a strange and unexpected rivalry Jo and Hazel have over Eric, who they both claimed to have dated on July 4.

Their rivalry ends up hurting Kikiwaka – or as Eric likes to call them Wikiwaka – during the big archery battle, but Ravi and Luke’s newfound partnership (Luke finds it a lot easier to respect Ravi when his shirt isn’t tucked into his shorts) ends up being a secret weapon in the battle for Spot supremacy.

-There’s an obligatory joke about Peyton and Spencer being twins late in the episode when Hazel comments that Emma and Eric look alike. “We do not!” the two say in unison with similar facial expressions.

-For a nemesis, Eric’s trash talk is pretty weak. When he and Ravi square off, Eric at one point tells Ravi “I’m more than man enough and I have the Bar Mitzvah video to prove it.”

-Camp Champion’s motto is “Win or sleep in the Lake.”

-Ravi refers to himself as a toxophilite, which is someone fond of or expert at archery. Luke repeats it back to him as taco flashlight, which sounds like a great band name to me.

-It’s revealed during the episode that Ravi is captain of the Camp Kikiwaka Trampoline Club.

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