California theater staging Wet Hot American Summer the Play

A Long Beach theater is bringing Wet Hot American Summer to the stage with a production of The Garage Theatre Attempts Wet Hot American Summer… the Play?

With David Wain’s blessing, writer and director Ryan McClary took inspiration from the original 2001 screenplay and a radio drama adaptation by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker that was performed at the SF Sketchfest in 2012.

From The Garage Theatre website:

Come see all-new, all-different versions of your favorites from the film-gene, coop, Katie, Andy, a talking can of vegetables, and Niles from Frasier. David Wain gave us permission to go nuts with our adaptation, and go nuts we did! Honestly, we changed some stuff. But we swear we made it wetter and hotter! And we kept a bunch of the stuff you already like!

Book your cabin at Camp Firewood and find out what happens when The Garage Theatre attempts Wet Hot American Summer… The Play? Will it work? Fondue with cheddar.

The show is the first of the year for the theater and will run February 20 through March 21.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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