Camp Bravo Promo

Bravo TV, home of one of the biggest summer camp fans of them all in Andy Cohen, is going to summer camp (via green screen anyway) to promote their lineup of summer programs.

This press release explains the summer branding campaign in much more detail than I could even get myself to read (Britney Spears, Real Housewives, blah, blah, blah).

I honestly can’t say it has me any more interested in watching Bravo than before, but perhaps the legion of the network’s fans will feel differently seeing the Bravolebrities playing ping-pong, failing at the trust fall and performing the old arrow through the apple on top of the head trick in this spot that debuted last week and is appearing on Bravo, online and alongside other pre-movie adverts in some 710 theaters around the country.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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