Camp Brickleberry might be the worst fictional camp ever

Camp Brickleberry reopens for the first time in 15 years to “make a buttload of money off some sucker parents” in the “Campin’ Ain’t Easy” (Season 3, Episode 12) episode of Brickleberry and in keeping with the vulgar nature of the show it’s a pretty terrible place.

The park rangers are given different color counselor t-shirts and assigned cabins to look over as counselors. Steve, who wears an orange World’s Best Counselor t-shirt, doesn’t get an official counselor shirt because of a mine field incident when he was a counselor 15 years ago.

When the campers arrive, the counselors discover that Camp Brickleberry has been advertised as “fat camp, handicapped camp, rich kid camp and inner city delinquent camp.” When the campers go on a tour, they discover the lie that is the camp’s slogan: “where your child’s summer won’t be a bummer.” The lake is contaminated, the cooks thought they were being asked to open a meth lab, the high ropes course is on power lines, the water slide is a sewage pipe and the big tribal shield award is a painted trash can lid.

Connie and her co-counselor Steve end up getting assigned a group of misfit campers who Steve tries his best not to have get hurt on his watch. The ultimate goal: to win The Gauntlet, the big camp competition at the end of the week. Lots of beeped out curse words and adult humor follows as the campers compete for the tribal shield.

As fictional camps go, Brickleberry is pretty much the worst.

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