Camp Candy Christmas in July


Camp Candy’s “Christmas in July” was the season finale (Dec. 16, 1989) of the cartoon’s first season. In the episode, Camp Candy celebrates Christmas on the Fourth of July, a tradition many summer camps have been doing for generations. But while the campers are all excited about decorating the camp for Christmas and celebrating their favorite holiday in the middle of summer, Vanessa is annoyed with the whole display.

“Christmas in July? Oh you’re all acting like a bunch of children,” she says snottily before getting a present of chocolates she then refuses to share with anyone. Going off on her own she binges on the chocolate, which leads to a strange dream where she is a princess and the other campers are her servants. Being princess is a dream come true for Vanessa but she realizes it’s not all what it seems when she’s visited by three ghosts in a twist on A Christmas Carol that ultimately teaches Vanessa to appreciate what she has.

When she wakes up she’s back at Camp Candy and all is back to normal. Having seen what could have happened to the camp as a result of her own selfishness – the spirit of next month shows the camp replaced by a no kids allowed resort – she suddenly is excited to be celebrating Christmas and even agrees to share her chocolate, what’s left of it.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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