Camp Chapel (2010)

Camp Chapel is a 2010 short film about a high school kid named Alex who, after getting arrested at a party, is forced by his parents to forgo a spring break trip to Cancun and attend church camp instead.

A fish out of water at church camp, Alex makes a bet with his smug cabin mate ($300 for his Cancun trip) that he can hook up with the camp director’s daughter by the end of the week.

Filmed at YMCA Camp Copneconic in Fenton, Mich., Camp Chapel was a University of Michigan student production partially funded by the Alice Webber Glover Scholarship administered by the University of Michigan Department of Screen Arts and Cultures.

While the film might make some church camp directors blush with its adult language and content, I found it to be a comical and well-executed short film that, like all good short films, made me wish it hadn’t ended after only 21 minutes. It’s definitely recommended viewing, especially for fans of Saved and Jesus People: The Movie.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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