Camp Chippewa movie launches Kickstarter campaign

Camp Chippewa is a new movie in development that launched a Kickstarter campaign today to raise the funding needed to complete and distribute the film, which is described as:

“a playful, fun and heartfelt adventure film that takes place in the summer of 1973. An anti-social ten-year-old boy named Mikey is stuck at summer camp when his older brother Bobby is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. As he leaves camp, Bobby gives Mikey a secret treasure map, and when Mikey decides to follow it he and the other kids at camp are thrust into a reckless, funny and exciting adventure as they hunt for hidden treasure.”

Watch the video below and consider supporting it on Kickstarter here.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at and I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

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