Camp director in ‘Summer Camp Nightmare’ was a multi-sport star

Actor Chuck Connors, who played the director of Camp North Pines for Boys in the 1987 movie Summer Camp Nightmare, is one in a small group of athletes who played professional baseball and basketball.

Chuck-Connors1Connors played for the Boston Celtics in their inaugural season before leaving the team for spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Though his Celtics career was short-lived, Connors is credited as the first pro basketball player to break a backboard, which happened during the warm-ups of the first ever Celtics game.

His pro baseball career lasted a little longer. He played only one game for the Brooklyn Dodgers before joining the Chicago Cubs in 1951 and played 66 games as a first baseman and pinch hitter and was sent down to the minors with the Los Angeles Angels in 1952. Connors was also drafted to play in the NFL by the Chicago Bears out of college at Seton Hall, but never suited up for the team.

Over the course of his 40-year film and television career, Connors was best known as the star of The Rifleman in the late ’50s, early ’60s. His portrayal Mr. Warren in the movie adaptation of William Butler’s The Butterfly Revolution was one of his last leading film roles. He died in 1992 at age 71.

Mr. Warren is the new director of Camp North Pines when the 1987 film opens. He’s conservative, strict and uptight and has trouble relating to the campers, particularly the wannabe revolutionary Franklin Riley, who ends up locking Warren up and staging a revolt.


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