Camp in upstate New York welcomes last summer of campers

After years of dwindling attendance, St. Vincent de Paul Summer Camp in Angola, New York is closing.

The camp known as SVC, which has been operating on a 15-acre beachfront property for close to 90 years, recently had its last first day of camp. The Buffalo News was there for the bittersweet occasion.

This particular part of the article really captures the kind of memories and tradition at a camp like this that will sadly no longer continue:

Donna Wassinger said not much has changed about the camp since she began as a camper in the 1960s. They’ve added a pool, updated the main building and added an art room. But it’s a camp run on tradition.

They still sing camp songs, play the same games and go to the lake. These are memories that last a lifetime.

When Jagodzinski hears some songs on the radio, she sings the camp-themed lyrics she and other campers wrote years ago. More than 20 years later, she can sing every line to their camp-themed Queen medley, “Grease” song or Vanilla Ice song they wrote to tease the boys.

It’s a tragic loss any time a camp with so much tradition closes, but as is the case with so many closings like this it came down to resources and how best the organization that ran the camp could utilize their resources to help families in need.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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