Camp Korey makes cameo in Lucky Them

A new movie starring Toni Collette as a rock journalist assigned to find a legendary musician she once dated features scenes at Camp Korey in Carnation, Washington.

In the film, which released last month, Collette visits the camp where she first met musician Matthew Smith as a teenager with her friend Charlie (Thomas Haden Church) in tow filming a documentary.

While at the camp, Klug points out the spot where she and Matthew had their first kiss, the place where he wrote his first song and reveals that the camp was for weight loss.

Charlie: “You met at fat camp?”
Ellie: “It’s not funny, Charlie”
Charlie: “Fat camp. Fat camp is a little funny.”
Ellie: “Stop saying fat camp”
Charlie: “Well, did they call it something else, like K-A-M-P P-H-A-T?”

The short scenes were filmed at the camp’s trout pond and bungalow.

Directed by Megan Griffiths, the film was the last project Paul Newman was involved with before he died in 2008 so its perhaps no coincidence that Camp Korey is part of the SeriousFun network of camps, which was founded by Newman in 1988.

The film is available to rent on Amazon.


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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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