Weird Al Yankovic and Michael Richards hosted six-hour ‘Camp MTV’ special in 1989

Camp MTV was a six-hour MTV special (with actual music videos) that aired in July 1989 and starred, among others, Weird Al Yankovic and Michael Richards, playing the goofball janitor-turned-children’s-TV-show-host Stanley Spadowski from UHF (aka the greatest movie of all time).

The brainchild of MTV exec Doug Herzog, Camp MTV was filmed on location at Doug’s childhood summer camp, Camp Scatico in Columbia County, N.Y., and featured all of the hot VJs and MTV personalities of the day – including Downtown Julie Brown, Dr. Dre, Ed Lover, Colin Quinn, Kevin Seal, Chris Connelly, Adam Curry and others.

Among the campers at the time was a 10-year-old Julie Klausner (comedienne and author of the memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band), who wrote about the day MTV came to her summer camp in a 2010 article on The Awl.

MTV’s website has only two clips from the six-hour special, both featuring the antics of “Weird Al” and Stanley Spadowski, who promote UHF throughout the special.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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