Camp Nowhere Was The Start Of Jessica Alba’s ‘Path To Hotness’

In this 2006 MTV movie awards preview video, we learn that actress Jessica Alba’s “path to hotness” began on the set of the 1994 film Camp Nowhere in which she made an appearance that would of course lead to much bigger and better things.

Alba plays Gail, a minor character in the film about a group of kids who trick their parents into sending them to a deserted old hippie commune they rent for the summer. Gail is such a minor character that the only reason we know the 13-year-old Alba was in the film is because of who she has turned out to be, not because of her easily forgettable performance in the film. I’m not really too familiar with Alba’s acting career, but I do recall several men gasping and whispering “she’s so hot” in the theater every time she came on the screen in Fantastic Four (why I was even seeing that film in the theater is a question that begs asking).

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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