Camp People with Famous Relatives

Plenty of famous people went to summer camp and even worked as camp counselors before they became household names, but there also a number of famous people who are related to people who work or used to work in the camp industry. Here are some camp people over the years who have had famous relatives.

Shane Doan

Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan‘s parents own and operate Circle Square Ranch, a Christian summer camp in Halkirk, Alberta.

Max Weinberg

Bert and Ruth Weinberg, parents of Max Weinberg (E Street Band, bandleader on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien) owned the since closed Camp Pocono Highlands in Marshalls Creek, Pa.

Janis Ian

Singer-songwriter Janis Ian‘s parents, Victor (a music teacher) and Pearl, ran a summer camp in upstate New York.

Bo and Bear Rinehartboandbearrinehart

The father of Bo and Bear Rinehart, of the rock band NeedToBreathe, is a former director of River Oaks Retreat, a church camp in South Carolina.

Lee Grant

Academy Award-winning actress Lee Grant‘s father owned Camp Pocono Club in Tannersville, Pennsylvania.

Kinky Friedman

Singer/songwriter Kinky Friedman‘s parents, Dr. S. Thomas Friedman and Minnie Samet Friedman, founded Echo Hill Ranch, a summer camp in Texas, in 1953.

Jennifer Lawrence

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence‘s mother, Karen, runs Camp Hi Ho day camp in Louisville, Ky., and her brother Blaine is the director.

Nina Tassler

CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler‘s parents owned and operated Camp Oleana in the Catskills in the 1960s. The camp was racially integrated and influenced by the Civil Rights Movement.

Gary David Goldberggarydavidgoldberg

Trail’s End Camp owner and director Stan Goldberg is the brother of the late Gary David Goldberg, a television writer and producer known for his work on Family Ties (1982–89), Spin City (1996–2002), and his semi-autobiographical series Brooklyn Bridge (1991–93). Goldberg’s dog Ubu was also well known because his productions all ended with the tag line “Sit Ubu Sit.”


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