Camp Quest raises $5,000 from response to Oklahoma Joe’s controversy


Camp Quest Oklahoma, one of a network of summer camps designed with children of nontheistic or freethinking parents in mind has raised more than $5,000, some even from Christians, following a dust-up with a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma barbeque restaurant.

Camp Quest’s fundraiser was canceled Monday night after the restaurant’s owner, who apparently didn’t bother to do any research or read the flier advertising the fundraiser, learned that their views were in conflict with his own “Christian philosophy.” You can read more about what transpired HERE.

Camp Quest released a statement on their website responding to the controversy and the response it has received since making waves on reddit and blog posts Monday evening:

We know that Mr. Davidson’s views and actions do not represent all Christians, and have been especially heartened to see messages and donations from Christians like one man on facebook who said “I am Christian and read on Reddit what happened. Donated because what they did was ridiculous. Hope it helps.”

The Stiefel Freethought Foundation is matching Camp Quest Oklahoma donations with a $5,000 grant supporting Camp Quest, Inc.’s national efforts. Although we would have preferred this unfortunate event not happen, the silver lining is the awareness and support that we have received in its aftermath.  This broad community support will help Camp Quest Oklahoma, and the broader expansion of Camp Quest’s programs.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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