Camp Ramah gets a shout-out in ‘The Goldbergs’

No stranger to pop culture, Camp Ramah received another shout-out on a recent episode of ABC comedy The Goldbergs (“The Scrunchie Rule” Season 6, Episode 16).

The Jewish network of camps comes up when Erica decides to get back at her roommate for keeping her out of her room by having her brother Barry stay over for the weekend. Like the hurricane heis, Barry barges right into the dorm room and starts taking clothes out of Erica’s roommate’s closet.

“I need a place for my Drakkar Noir line of shampoos, soaps, shaving creams and of course cologne,” Barry says, spraying his cologne.

“Oh no, it smells like the boys cabin at Camp Ramah before the shabbat social,” Erica’s roommate, who is known as Valley Erica in the credits, says.

The Goldbergs is of course set in Pennsylvania so it could be referencing Camp Ramah in the Poconos, but Erica goes to college in Washington D.C. and her roommate Erica may or may not be from California so it’s hard to tell what specific camp in the network is being referenced here. Nonetheless, boys dorms pretty much smell like boys dorms no matter where in the country the camp is located so you could probably just fill in any camp name in the above quote and it would be accurate.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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