Camp Wanatee Week

The fine folks over at Threadless are incorporating a healthy dose of summer camp fun in the Camp Wanatee Games event they are running May 16-20 online and in their Chicago headquarters. The community-driven t-shirt company announced the games on their blog earlier this week:

Get your friendship bracelets ready — you’re going to Summer Camp! Join one of our Ambassador Cabins for Threadless Camp Wannatee Week (May 16-20) to have a 1 in 4 chance of winning some awesome camp swag at the Camp Wannatee Games (we will live-stream these for all to watch and enjoy) at the Threadless Offices in Chicago on Friday, May 20th!

You can participate by signing up for one of the four cabins – Smore Than Meets The Eye, Scrapplejuice, Yelling Yeti or Uberwolf. To sign up, you need to comment on the page of the cabin (linked above) you would like to join. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one to sign up.

Threadless staff, who will be competing in a series of live streamed challenges at the Threadless offices on Friday, May 20, will each be assigned to one of the cabins and during the week campers will have an opportunity to earn points for their cabin by completing various online challenges. In the end, the members of the winning cabin will get free swag.

Confused? I was a little at first too. But all the details are HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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