Camp Yellowjacket is a terrible camp even before the virus hits in ‘The Hive’

Camp Yellowjacket is a horrible camp with cruel counselors and terrible facilities. And that’s before a strange virus that turns people into tar-spewing zombies breaks out in the 2015 movie The Hive.

The film, produced by the folks behind the Nerdist podcast, focuses on a counselor named Adam (Gabriel Basso) who wakes up in a filthy and tattered camp infirmary with amnesia surrounded by cryptic messages he’s left to himself Memento-style.

As he begins to piece together how he got where he has, his memories start to flash back to what was happening before the virus was unleashed. Adam, it turns out, is a womanizer who terrorizes campers with his friend and fellow counselor Clark (Jacob Zachar) before he falls in love and becomes the heroin of the film.

The movie unfolds unlike any of the other summer camp horror films before it. Though it follows the familiar trope of terrible oversexed counselors who recklessly put their campers in peril, the non-linear storytelling adds to the suspense and confusion of a story that behind all the gore is about something summer camps frequently wrestle with in a digital age – creating genuine life-changing connections without the aid of a screen or technological gadget.

While at the onset Adam is unsure that he can survive the summer without Facebook, he comes to realize how one genuine connection in real life beats having a whole “hive” of friends on social media.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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