Cam’s Canadian neighbor reminisces about summer camp crush in ‘Modern Family’

Cam’s upstairs neighbor reminisces about her summer camp crush in the “Playdates” episode of Modern Family (Season 7, Episode 10).

The neighbors, who are from Canada, come over to visit and Cam starts noticing what he thinks is his daughter crushing on their son Monty. This leads to a conversation in the kitchen Cam (Eric Stonestreet) has with Carol (Kate McDaniel) about first crushes.

Cam’s first crush, it turns out, was on a statue of a confederate general in front of a courthouse, but Carol’s was more conventional.

“I remember my first crush; it was at summer camp. I lived in Toronto and he was from Edmonton so it was very star crossed,” she says. “He was the first boy I ever loved. Billy Macklin. God. Haven’t thought of him in years.”

When Cam (Eric Stonestreet) starts to notice that his daughter’s crush might actually be on the dad and not their son, he tries to change the subject but Carol keeps going on about her crush.

“After that summer, things got pretty rough,” she says. “Dad died. Mom started drinking. It was a lot to handle.”

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