CanopyStair is a spiral staircase you can strap to a tree

CanopyStair is a portable spiral staircase that can be strapped to the trunk of a tree without harming it.

It was conceived by designers Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve. According to the website:

During the course of their final year at the RCA studying on the Design Products postgraduate programme, ter Kulve and McIntyre developed their concept, and began to experiment with various prototypes. Testing out CanopyStair they realised that what they had created was something rather special, much more than just a means to a view. They felt that they had unlocked a gate to a secret garden and made a passageway to a secluded habitat. Forest canopy is the least explored ecosystem on earth, a cloud of life that they could now access unobtrusively. And there was something deeply nostalgic about the experience of ascending the stairs – tapping into childhood memories of exploring, climbing, trespassing, of tree houses and summer days.

It doesn’t appear to be available for purchase yet, but when it does the CanopyStair would find a perfect home at summer camp.

Tree Project

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