Care Bears first caring mission was at summer camp

The Care Bears first caring mission was at a summer camp in the 1986 animated movie Care Bears II: The New Generation. The movie is an origin story prequel that flashes back to the early days of the Care Bears when True Heart and Noble Heart were bringing up the Care Bear cubs and their cousins while doing battle with Dark Heart and his plan to rid the world of caring and happiness.

True Heart goes on the first mission to earth, which has him and Swift Heart Rabbit as a stowaway going to an unnamed summer camp where three campers – John, Dawn and Christy – are having a terrible time. They lose at everything and get picked on by the other campers who make them do trash duty for losing.


“I wish that just once I could be camp champ,” Christy says after getting beaten again by the current Camp Champ. “I hate being last and I hate being here.”

Christy and her friends decide to run away from camp and they get separated in the woods. Lost, John and Dawn encounter True Heart who talks them into going to Carealot to learn more about the things they can do well. Christy runs into Dark Heart, who posing as a camper from a camp across the river, makes a deal with Christy that he’ll make sure she becomes Camp Champ if she does him a favor in return, no questions asked.

Once at Carealot, John and Dawn discover that they are really good at caring for the Care Bear cubs and gain a newfound confidence in helping and caring for others. Christy, meanwhile, gets her wish granted and becomes the Camp Champ. But when she discovers that her favor she must do in return involves helping to capture all of the Care Bears she realizes she’s been had but doesn’t want to give up her position as Camp Champ either.



After luring the Care Bears to camp pretending to be trapped in the middle of the lake in a canoe Dark Heart joins her in the canoe but falls out and nearly drowns. Though she now realizes that Dark Heart is evil, Christy still saves him from drowning because deep down she’s still a good person.

In the end, Christy’s selfless act comes full circle when Dark Heart realizes that he cares for her too and, the plan ultimately foiled, his caring for her not only brings Christy back to life but makes him a real boy, and no longer the shapeshifting monster villain Dark Heart.

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