Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with a S’mores Dog

Today (or yesterday depending on who you ask) is National Hot Dog Day and while we all know that nothing goes better with a hot dog cooked over a campfire followed by a s’mores for dessert, today is a good day to experiment with combining the two.

Mad Dog Hot Dogs in Venice, Florida has made the combination before with graham cracker crust, fluff and chocolate sauce on top of a grilled hot dog and Johnnie’s Dog House in Wilmington, Delaware is reportedly unveiling a S’mores Dog on their menu for the occasion.

S’mores Dog – Graham cracker crust with fluff and chocolate sauce… no i’m not kidding, its on a grilled hot dog… i was actually wowed by the combination of these flavors…

Posted by Mad Dog Hot Dogs on Saturday, May 10, 2014

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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