Character in ‘Girls’ raps about boy scout camp

A play Adam (Adam Driver) is rehearsing in the “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too” episode of Girls (Season 1, Episode 8) features a scene where a character raps about boy scout camp.

The scene in the play features Adam and Gavin (Henry Zebrowski) in a canoe (two chairs on the stage). Hannah (Lena Dunham) goes with Adam to watch the rehearsal so she’s in the audience when Gavin busts out a rap about how he loves boy scout camp and s’mores.

He doesn’t get very far with the rap. In fact, he doesn’t even get to the s at the end of the word s’mores when Adam cuts him off and tells him he isn’t feeling it. By episode end, Adam has a change of heart and decides to do the play, after all.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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