Chicago craft brewer has Wet Hot American Wheat beer

A Chicago craft brewer has a Wet Hot American Wheat beer that gets its name from the brewing process and design inspiration for its packaging from the movie.

The beer brewed by Finch’s Beer Company is “named for its particularly ‘wet’ mash, ‘hot’ initial fermentation temperature and being in the style category of American Wheat Ale,” according to the brewer’s website.

Lead brewer Steven Slater, who named the beer, said in a 2014 interview with Groupon that the beer’s personality is a mix between Andy (Paul Rudd) and Gene (Christopher Meloni) from the 2001 movie.

“I have to call it a split between Andy, played by Paul Rudd, and Gene, with his talking can of mixed vegetables,” he said. “Like Andy, Wet Hot American Wheat knows it’s cool and doesn’t care what you think. And even though he’s a jerk, you still like him.”

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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