Christian character on ‘Teachers’ talks about Rapture Camp

An over-the-top conservative Christian character on TV Land comedy Teachers talked about going to Rapture Camp in the “Drunk Kiss” episode (Season 1, Episode 6).

The character, Mary Louise Bennigan (Katie O’Brien), mentions the camp in a confession to the school nurse about her struggle to make sense of an innocent peck on the cheek she got from a fellow teacher.

“I can’t be her girlfriend,” she tells the nurse. “When my friend Josiah was caught kissing boys at Rapture Camp they sent him to North Dakota so he could stop being gay. I don’t want to go North Dakota.”

Ms. Bennigan later mentions that she really wants to go back to Rapture Camp as a counselor – they wouldn’t let her come back if she was in a relationship with a woman – and doesn’t want to miss Pastor Ted’s annual banana swallowing contest.

Not much more is said about Rapture Camp, which I’m guessing is a theologically narrow version of Christian camp inspired by the Left Behind novels.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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