City Sports clerk tells sad Space Camp story in ‘Difficult People’

Space Camp is randomly referenced in the “Even Later” episode of the Hulu show Difficult People (Season 1, Episode 6) in, of all places, a City Sports store.

In the episode, Billy (Billy Eichner) and Julie (Julie Klausner) go back to a City Sports they were at earlier looking for Julie’s laptop and when the clerk who is there says he hasn’t seen it Billy demands that he help them find it, saying that she must get her laptop back because she works for NASA.

The clerk, who is in a wheelchair, isn’t impressed or thrilled with Billy’s lie. It turns out he blames NASA for putting him in the wheelchair.

“There was this beautiful girl you see, it wasn’t typical a girl that stunning would talk to me,” he tells Billy and Julie. “Anyway, she asked me to accompany her to Space Camp. I should have said no.”

“And what happened at Space Camp?” Billy asks.

“I destroyed both my eardrums, lost my equilibrium,” he says.

“What happened to the girl,” Julie asks.

“Uh, She got away,” he says.

“Ground control to major bummer,” Billy chimes in.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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