Agent Cody Banks went to an undercover CIA summer camp in 2004 sequel

Everyone’s favorite and least likely teenage spy, Agent Cody Banks (Frankie Munoz), went to an undercover CIA summer camp in the 2004 sequel Agent Cody Banks: Destination London.

Despite its title, the movie opens in the U.S. at the summer camp, where Cody is playing and winning another game of capture the flag. After celebrating his victory, a Code 42 (Parents Day) alarm sounds and the campers all spring into action to transform the training ground into Kamp Woody just as parents arrive.

Of course, it’s a kids comedy so the transition is imperfect. As Cody’s parents get out of the van, a sign that says Danger Keep Out is flipped around to say Welcome to Kamp Woody and a satellite launch that was for whatever reason scheduled on the same day parents were coming has to be aborted. The satellite dish, rocket, submarine and hovercrafts and other tell tale signs of what the kids are really up to are also hidden away or disguised (bomb defusing class quickly turns into basket weaving, for example).

While they are able to fool the parents – during the Kamp Woody song they even mention being undercover and the director named Diaz (Keith Allen) has difficulty remembering to use summer camp terms instead of military ones – Cody’s time at the camp turns out to be short-lived. After aiding Diaz’s escape (turns out he stole some mind control software) in what he thought was a drill, Cody is taken to the CIA base underneath the camp accessible through an “Out of Order” toilet and given a mission to track down Diaz and his conspirators in London. Hence the subtitle Destination London.

Along the way, he meets an operative named Derek (Anthony Anderson) who as it turns out is much better suited to directing a summer camp/top secret CIA training center for adolescents than he is preparing a gourmet meal.


Matt Ralph

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