Phil Dunphy’s Color War Faux Pas on Modern Family

Part of the humor in Ty Burrell’s Phil Dunphy character on ABC’s Modern Family is how positively upbeat and lovably oblivious he is. This is on full display in the “Manny Get Your Gun” episode (Season 2, Episode 8).

In talking about the previous summer’s Family Camp, which Phil explains is “just like regular camp but with the family,” he references his team winning Color Wars.

“She was on team blue or as I like to refer to them as team blueser,” Phil says in the documentary-style confessional on the show. “And I was on team white…. and if you ain’t white you ain’t right.”

For her part, Claire tries to get Phil to not repeat his team’s slogan. “Have you learned nothing?”

The next scene cuts to a flashback of the family getting out of the taxi and a black taxi driver angrily putting their luggage on the curb as a clueless Phil, sporting a white t-shirt that says “If you ain’t white you ain’t right” hands him a tip and says “for you kind sir.”



Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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