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  • Songs of Summer. Are there songs that immediately make you think of camp when you hear them? We’d love to hear about it.
  • Old Photos/Video. We love old camp photos, brochures or any other artifacts from camp.
  • Pop Culture References. Noticed a summer camp reference in a movie, book, TV show or magazine? Let us know.
  • Camp Stories. Have a story about a camp, past or present? Let us hear about it.
  • Defunct Summer Camps. Sadly, there are a lot of camps that have come and gone. Help us tell their story.

Involved with a summer camp? Here are some opportunities to get involved with the site.

  • Camps in Pop Culture. This is an occasional feature where we write about camps brushes with pop culture. I’ve written about a camp in Georgia with a lot of famous alumni, a camp with an interesting connection to Charles Comiskey in Illinois and a few others that have hosted movie and TV productions. 
  • Famous Alumni. We have a list and regularly feature alumni of camps who have achieved a level of notoriety. I often rely on camps to provide me with names of alumni to this list.
  • Links. I provide links to camp websites as I discover them and upon request. 
  • Camp Marketing. Occasionally we will post a video/advertisement, etc. or some other example of marketing a camp has done that made an impression.

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