Controversial summer camp proposal receives approval in Maine

A new summer camp proposed in Rome, Maine that has drawn the ire of local residents received planning board approval Monday night.

The vote on the proposed Camp Caruso came after several procedural delays and an attempt by opponents to delay the vote for another month while information about noise that will be created from the camp and whether it would violate town noise standards could be gathered.

An application was submitted last year for the camp to be built on 15 acres of a 68-acre parcel. The camp will provide an opportunity for separated male siblings living in foster families to be together for a 10-day program. Plans call for log cabins, sports fields, a dining hall, office, parking lot and amphitheater to be built on the site.

Opponents who have organized the group Concerned Citizens of Beaver Cove have reportedly hired an attorney to pursue a possible legal challenge.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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