Cult filmmaker John Waters hosting adult summer camp in Connecticut

Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut will be transformed into Camp John Waters for a weekend in September as fans of the cult filmmaker will get a chance to celebrate the director of Hairspray, Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom and A Dirty Shame.

While the concept of adult summer camp has become played out and not that unique or interesting in recent years, leave it to John Waters to mix things up a bit with his own trashy spin on the weekend getaway.

Waters himself attended the defunct Camp Happy Hollows on Lake Montecello in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1950s and actually credits the experiences he had their with inspiring his film career.

Waters talked at length about a specific time at camp when he experienced something supernatural in a 2009 episode of the Biography channel series Celebrity Ghost Stories (Season 1, Episode 3).

“It was a wonderful lesson for me as a 10-year-old kid that I think helped me become whatever I am today,” he said in the show. “It gave me the confidence to go ahead, to believe in things, to believe in behavior I couldn’t understand, to be drawn to subject matter I couldn’t understand.”

Prices for the weekend retreat being held September 22-24 start at $499. Activities include John Waters reading a John Waters book, a John Waters film marathon, Hairspray Karaoke, zip line, campfire and s’mores. Go to for more info.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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