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daria logoDaria Morgendorfer returns to the camp of her youth, Camp Grizzly, for a reunion in the “Camp Fear” episode of the MTV animated series Daria that originally aired on the cable network that used to play music videos in March 2000.

That Daria would even go to her summer camp reunion seems a bit out of character considering how anti she is about most things involving other people her age (see above photo where she’s the only one not wearing a Camp Grizzly shirt).

Daria illustrates her ambivalence to Camp Grizzly, which she showed up to as a kid with a copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm in hand, in a piece of dialogue with her only camp friend, Amelia:


Amelia: This reminds me of the time you boycotted the end-of-summer campfire by the lake. That was so cool.

Daria: Actually, I wasn’t invited.

Amelia: Oh. (pauses, then laughs) Remember the time you took off on your horse and left us all behind.

Daria: You mean the time the horse ran off with me on it and tossed me in the river, and I had to have nine stitches?

In complete contrast to Daria is Skip, the super competitive summer camp jock-turned overly enthusiastic, never-stops-talking-about-camp alumnus. Skip is so annoying about camp he even gets under the skin of director Mr. Potts.

“This is a camp, a place parents send their kids to get them out of their hair for a few weeks,” Mr. Potts tells him toward the end of the episode. “Don’t make it your whole life.”

In the end Daria’s cynicism wins out as she inspires an Amelia-led revolt that results in a spirited speech about thinking for yourself and a pile of discarded Camp Grizzly T-shirts.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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