David Hyde Pierce talks ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

Actor David Hyde Pierce talked to HuffPost Live about the original Wet Hot American Summer movie and the upcoming Netflix series in an interview Tuesday.

Pierce said he’s recognized more for his part in the television series Frasier but still is surprised at how many people want to talk to him about Wet Hot American Summer and his astrophysicist character Henry Newman.

“It’s surprising how many people come up and very proudly say ‘you were in ‘Wet Hot’,” Pierce said.

About the Netflix series, Pierce said it felt like picking up where they left off more than 15 years ago, only it was filmed in California instead of the Poconos in early spring.

“The production values were higher and the accommodations were a little bit nicer [shooting the Netflix series] … but the aesthetic, the sort of flying-by-the-seat-of-your pants aesthetic was still there — not a lot of takes and a lot of spontaneity and crazy people,” Pierce said.

via Huffington Post

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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