Demonic logger wreaks havoc at summer camp in ‘Lumberjack Man’

A demonic logger wreaks havoc at a church summer camp in Lumberjack Man, a slasher comedy releasing in October.

The movie is set at the fictional Good Friends Church Camp, where the staff prepares for a spring break event called “Fun Under the Son.”

The independent film, part of the After Dark Films 8 Films to Die For series, stars Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill: Vol. 1), Alex Dobrenko (Bloody Homecoming), Ciara Flynn (Replica 114), Chase Joliet (Zombex), and Adam Sessler (X-Play). It’s directed by Josh Bear and written by Bear and Bill Muehl.

The film will be released in theaters and on online platforms on October 16. Click here to see the trailer.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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