Dennis the Menace – Dennis Goes to Camp

Part 2

Faced with the thought of spending an entire summer dealing with Dennis’s antics, Mr. Wilson decides he’s going to try to convince his parents to send him away to summer camp. When Mr. Wilson goes to talk to Henry about his brilliant idea he discovers that Dennis already wants to go to camp. The only problem: there isn’t anyone who can take him to an open house to check out the camp.

Figuring an afternoon spent taking Dennis to the camp open house would be worth the trade-off of him getting some peace and quiet for at least part of the summer, Mr. Wilson agrees to take him to Camp Tallpine. Once there, Mr. Wilson ends up playing camp counselor much longer than he had intended and his afternoon trip turns out to be much longer when a storm wipes out the bridge on the only road into the camp.

This episode originally aired on February 26, 1961. The series last four seasons from 1960 to 1963.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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