Divorced dad reconnects with old camp flame in ‘Goodbye to All That’

A divorced dad reconnects with an old summer camp flame at a camp reunion in the 2014 film Goodbye to All That.

Otto (Paul Schneider) is reeling from his wife leaving him when he shows up at a reunion for Camp Mishancominga and runs into Lara (Heather Lawless). Lara is on her way out when he finally runs into her, but they later talk on the phone and discover that they are both recently divorced and trying to piece their lives back together.

The reunion is held at a school so the camp is never shown, but Otto does go on a Facebook page for the reunion and look at old photos. The fictional camp is located in the real town of Clemmons, North Carolina.


The reunion as its depicted in the film has a strange feel to it and makes Camp Mishancominga resemble a smiley happy cult, which I realize is what summer camp and people who went to camp together can resemble to outsiders. Otto is mostly interested in talking to Lara but keeps getting interrupted by giddy people happier to see him than he is them and goaded into singing camp songs and awkwardly reminiscing with people he hasn’t seen or talked to in two decades.


In stark contrast to the other women he has dated since his wife left him, Lara represents a potential romantic interest with staying power in their brief reunion encounter and provides a refreshing counterpoint to his other post-divorce romantic encounters.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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