Doofus saves Camp Woodchuck in ‘DuckTales’

Doofus Drake isn’t faring too well at Camp Woodchuck in the “Superdoo!” episode of late ’80s Disney series DuckTales (Season 1, Episode 20) when an energy crystal he finds on a nature hike gives him super powers.

With the powers from the crystal dropped to earth by a pair of aliens for safe-keeping, Doofus suddenly becomes good at all of the camp activities. He can run faster than lightning and is super strong so he quickly puts the “lucky donut” to good use racking up merit badges.


Overnight, Doofus goes from thinking he’ll be shut out of getting any badges during his time at Camp Woodchuck to a conceited collector of badges who is even less popular than when he was the butt of everyone’s joke.

When the aliens – who talk with similar reversed syntax to Yoda in Star Wars – show up looking for their crystal, Doofus comes up with a superhero disguise to save the camp from a fire started by the aliens.

The superhero he comes up with: Superdoo!

Huey, Duey and Luey aren’t fooled for long though after Superdoo shows up again to save the camp from a flood caused by the aliens destroying a nearby dam, the secret behind Doofus’ sudden merit badge dominance is revealed.


Realizing that having super powers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – when he asks a couple campers to be his friends they tell him to get lost and call him a show-off – so Doofus discards the crystal in a tree, where a squirrel finds it and foils the bumbling aliens’ plans yet again.

In the end, Doofus proves his worth as a junior woodchuck by rescuing Huey, Duey and Luey from a pack of wolves and they all have a good time telling ghost stories around the campfire, the old Doofus making a mess trying to make popcorn.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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