Dr. Lawson sees patient at arts camp in ‘Royal Pains’

Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) sees a patient at the fictional Chippewa Arts Camp in “The Prince of Nucleotides” episode of USA Network’s Royal Pains (Season 7, Episode 4).

Hank visits the camp to see Anna (Nicole Amber Maines), a teenager who is suffering from calf pain and shortness of breath. After examining her, Hank discovers that she is transgender and that the estrogen she is taking is causing blood clots because of a condition she has. 

Anna ends up passing out while Hank is there and gets rushed to the hospital, where she and Hank have a serious talk about her being transgender and her family.

Later, Hank visits her again at the camp to reveal news about her condition and how it will impact her transition and once more after she gets beat up (word about her being transgender got around when her roommate discovered a prescription bottle with Anna’s boy name on it). His last visit to Chippewa Arts Camp is more personal; he comes for the performance Anna choreographed.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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