Dracula takes grandson to summer camp in ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

Count Dracula wants to teach his grandson how to be a vampire so he takes him to the summer camp he attended as a child in Hotel Transylvania 2.

The sequel to the 2012 film opens in theaters today.

Karl Herbst, the digital effects supervisor on the film, describes the camp in a recent interview with Comic Book Movie:

Monster Camp has been there since Dracula was a child. It’s a place where he went to learn about being a vampire. A summer camp for vampires and of course everything that happens at night. It’s hidden away and of course has been there for hundreds of years. The camp must be hidden so no one can find it. It’s in a deep canyon with huge granite cliffs around it.  It’s a very interesting mix of a Gothic theme mixed with a summer camp in the woods on a lake.  Dracula gets there and finds out that it’s not what he remembers. He wants to take Dennis there to learn how to be a vampire.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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