Eddie Munster goes to scout camp in Munsters Halloween special

The relegated-to-Halloween-special The Munsters reboot airs tonight (8 p.m. on NBC) with at least one slight seasonal adjustment to the script. Rather than summer camp, Eddie Munster (Mason Cook) is on a Boy scout camping trip when the pilot opens and the full moon causes him to turn into a werewolf, according to reviews of the pilot:

The pilot begins with Eddie on a Boy Scout-like camping trip that is terrorized by a mysterious beast, and one plotline involves how Herman and Lily break the news to the boy that he was more than just a victim on that trip. The camping incident forces the family to move, so it take up residence at 1313 Mockingbird Lane (the address of “The Munsters” as well).

As you can see from the above photo, a not-very-Frankenstein-looking Herman Munster (Jerry O’Connell) was also along on the camping trip. For more photos and details, check out Hollywood Reporter’s coverage HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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