Ellen – The Bubble Gum Incident

In the “Bubble Gum Incident,” an episode from the fourth season of Ellen (aka These Friends of Mine), Ellen reluctantly returns to Camp Pineridge and the scene of a crime she still hadn’t fessed up to (back in 1971 Ellen put gum in her best friend Paige’s hair to try and earn points with the popular girls).

While Ellen is reluctant, Paige anxiously looks forward to the reunion and an opportunity to confront Megan O’Conner, the girl rumored to have pulled the prank. Nervous from the get go, Ellen is sent into her usual bout of rambling when she discovers that Megan O’Conner is now a nun. Thinking Megan’s status as a nun will mean Paige won’t want to retaliate against her, Ellen figures she’s off the hook. But when an undeterred Paige starts plotting her revenge, Ellen realizes the truth must come out once and for all.

The episode originally aired in October 1996 and guest starred Anne Rice, who signs books at the Buy the Book bookstore in the beginning of the episode.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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