The Equalizer TV show referenced Camp Tamakwa

A movie version of Equalizer starring Denzel Washington recently hit theaters and while there aren’t any summer camp references in it that I’m aware of, the original ’80s television show did have a passing reference to Camp Tamakwa in an episode from the first season.

In the episode, called “The Children’s Song,” Robert McCall (Edward Woodward) takes his estranged son Scott (William Zabka of Karate Kid fame) away to a cabin for the weekend. When they arrive, Scott tells his dad that it reminds him of a summer camp he attended.

“It reminds me a lot of Tamakwa,” he says.

“Tamakwa?” McCall replies. “I believe they have a cure for that nowadays.”

“It was a camp I went to when we lived in Connecticut, mom and I,” Scott says.

The weekend at the cabin proves to have very little in common with summer camp as Scott and his dad bond over trying to protect a girl from a group of local hoodlums (led by a guy named Dillart who is played by Bradley Whitford) and their high-powered onslaught on the cabin.

Equalizer Tamakwa Reference

Scott McCall, son of the equalizer, a fictional Camp Tamkwa alumnus.

Camp Tamakwa has had multiple brushes with popular culture, its iconic T-shirt has appeared in movies like Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Spider-Man, American Pie and Reign Over Me and the movie Indian Summer was filmed at the Ontario camp.


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