‘Ernest Goes to Camp’ villain played defensive end for the Denver Broncos

Lyle Alzado, who played the foreman for the evil Krader Mining Company in the 1987 movie Ernest Goes to Camp, spent eight seasons playing defensive end for the Denver Broncos.

Alzado, who died in 1992 at age 43 from brain cancer, played Ernest P. Worrell’s nemesis Bronk Stinson. Stinson’s employer is trying to take over the land to Camp Kikakee to mine for the fictional mineral petrocite and in addition to driving a bulldozer he’s used to intimidate the remaining holdouts on the land.

The first time Ernest (Jim Varney) tries to stop him, Stinson roughs him up pretty good but Ernest and his gang of ragtag misfit campers get the best of him in the movie’s convoluted and preposterous ending.

Alzado played in one Super Bowl with the Broncos, which they lost to the Cowboys in 1977 but later won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1984. He played three seasons with the Cleveland Browns and four with the Raiders. He made a failed comeback attempt five years after his career ended in 1990.

Ernest Goes to Camp was Alzado’s seventh acting credit and after that he went on to appear in 19 more films and television shows from MacGyver and Dragnet to Who’s Harry Crumb? and Tapeheads.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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