Fashion designer’s internship program modeled after camp experience

Instagram-famous fashion designer Kiel James Patrick has a summer internship program inspired by his time at summer camp.

“I went to summer camp at Camp Yawgoog, where Moonrise Kingdom was filmed, and I want it to be like my experience there,” he said in a recent interview with W Magazine.

Six paid interns were selected out of some 3,500 applicants for the second year of what the clothing label calls Camp Foxhawk. The interns traveled around New England going on adventures and doing photo shoots from June 19 to August 1. Their adventures were documented on the Camp Foxhawk Instagram account.

“We pick a few of those kids out and it doesn’t matter what their background is, it’s about what they can teach us,” Patrick said. “It’s a trade-off of talent. They might be a great photographer or going to fashion design school or business.”

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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