Fictional Camp: Camp Tantrum from ‘The Middle’

Frankie’s sister Janet (Molly Shannon) comes to visit for a week while her daughter is away at sleepaway camp in “The Name” episode of The Middle (Season 4, Episode 18).

An overbearing Janet quickly overstays her welcome but when Frankie calls her out for being pushy and inconsiderate she discovers that her sister is far from having it all together herself.

It turns out the sleepaway camp Janet sent Lucy to was a “fix it” camp. “They call it Camp Tanter-um but we all know what it is,” Janet tells Frankie.

Lucy doesn’t appear on the episode but she did show up, along with her mom, in the “Thanksgiving III” episode in season 3. She was played by Marlowe Peyton and in the episode Brick asks her if she wants to play librarian. “I’ll read and in six hours you tell me the library is closing,” Brick says. Later, Lucy throws a fit when Brick beats her at Pretty Pretty Princess.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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