Fictional Camps: Camp Chickami from ‘Hart of Dixie’

Camp Chickami is the fictional camp in the CW television show Hart of Dixie. The camp is a rustic wildnerness camp that’s appeared in two episodes of the show set in the town of Bluebell, Alabama.

It first made an appearance in Season 2 in the episode “Achy Breaky Hearts” (Episode 8). Rev. Peter Mayfair (Peter Mackenzie) asks Wade (Wilson Bethel) to help him out with a weekend camping trip with the Eagle Rangers, despite Wade’s limited experience with camping and the Rangers (he was an Eagle Ranger for one day). Wade agrees so he can avoid George Tucker (Scott Porter) but George shows up at the camp unannounced. Wade gets assigned to a misfit camper named Connor Snelling (Grant Goodman) who he tries, unsuccessfully at first, to get to join in with the rest of the campers.


Camp Chickami is seen again in Season 3 as the site of a Tween Adventure Camp (Episode 5, “How Do You Like Me Now?). This time, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is roped into going along so Rev. Mayfair can have a romantic weekend with his wife and George Tucker agrees last minute to help out with the all-girls camp that features ziplining and a pack of tween girls who desperately need to have their cell phones taken away. Zoe originally asked her boyfriend Joel (Josh Cooke) to join her but he passed because of his fear of heights.


But when he finds out George was going along, he shows up unannounced at the camp and drunk, determined to win over the girls overcome his fear of the zipline and show Zoe he is the better man. A town poll where only 13 percent said they like Joel and Zoe together is also a motivating factor.


Ziplining drunk doesn’t work out too well for Joel, but he still manages to win the girls over.

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