Fictional Camps: Camp Miniwaka from ‘American Vandal’

Camp Miniwaka is the fictional camp from the hilarious Netflix mockumentary American Vandal.

The camp, which makes a cameo in the second episode titled “A Limp Alibi,” looks a lot like the fictional Camp Firewood from the two Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series because it’s the same set (the cabins, it should be noted, were modeled after the cabins at Camp Towanda in Honesdale, Pa. where the original 2001 movie was filmed).

The film-within-a-film’s teenage investigators, trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of who vandalized a parking lot of teachers cars, arrive at Camp Miniwaka to investigate the alibi of the main accuser, Alex, who makes a claim about a sexual encounter he had a camp in their interview. If they can prove that his claim was impossible, the investigators think this will cast doubt on his testimony.

Like the entire series, the episode is overdrawn with talking head interviews, re-enactments of what allegedly occurred at the dock and more. As the story unfolds, there is talk about Color War (Alex was Color War MVP), summer camp relationship dynamics and a visit to Bunk 13 to look for clues.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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