Fictional Camps on TV

Beaver Falls – From the British TV series Beaver Falls
Camp Anaconda – From the “Nicole’s Big Adventure” episode of the TV show My Two Dads
Camp Anawanna – From Salute Your Shorts TV Show
Camp Atrocious – From the “Summer Camp” episode of the animated series Dan VS
Camp Bart – From the “Kamp Krusty” episode of The Simpsons
Camp Beau Soleil – From the sketch French Camp in Saturday Day Live, season 5
Camp Campingston Falls – From an episode of the animated series Home Movies
Camp Chickami – From the TV show Hart of Dixie 
Camp Chinapookee – From McHale’s Navy – “Send This Ensign To Camp”
Camp Chippewa Beaver Falls – From “The Counselor” episode of Mr. Belvedere
Camp Clear Lake – From the TV movie Down Will Come Baby
Camp Craftamonga – From the “Campers and Complications” episode of the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally
Camp Devine – From the TV show Camp Runamuck
Camp Green Line – From Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Camp Grindlestone – From the “Tale of Watcher’s Woods” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Camp Happy Hopes – From the Showtime show Shameless
Camp Hawkwood – From the “Camp Nowhere” episode of The Nightmare Room TV show
Camp Hollow – From the “Camp Addams” episode of the cartoon The Addams Family
Camp I Don’t Wanna Go – From the “Summer Cramp” episode of the animated series Carl Squared
Camp Itchy-Owie-Bo-Boo – From the “Snappy Campers/Lucky Duck” episode of the Nickelodeon show T.U.F.F. Puppy
Camp Kalterman – From the sketch Bug Juice on the Upright Citizens Brigade
Camp Kitchy Gooney – From an episode of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Magilla Gorilla
Camp Knock-A-Number – From the episode “Cody Goes to Camp” of TV show Suite Life of Zach and Cody
Camp König – From the “Beaver’s House Guest” episode of Leave It To Beaver
Camp Kookalah – From the “Camp Kookalah” episode of the TV show Braceface
Camp Kookalookie – From the episode “Going to Camp” of Punky Brewster
Camp Nightmoon – From the “Welcome to Camp Nightmare” episode of the Goosebumps TV show
Camp Nowee – From the “Fish and the Fins” episode of Happy Days
Camp Opinicon – From the animated series Ben 10 (“Camp Fear”)
Camp Oscawanna – From the “Marny’s Dad” episode of Guys With Kids
Camp Pakuna – From the “Pop-pop:The Final Solution” episode from season 8 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Camp Pine Ridge – From the “Bubblegum Incident” episode of Ellen
Camp Pookah – From the MTV show Awkward
Camp Q-Lightful – From the Q*bert segment of the animated series Saturday Supercade
Camp Quackawanna – From the “Love Loaf” episode of Breadwinners
Camp Radventures – From the TV show Aquabats! Super Show! summer camp episode
Camp Rainbow – From the summer camp episode of Today’s Special
Camp Runamuck – From the TV show Camp Runamuck
Camp Shawnee – From the “All the Way Live” episode of The Soul Man
Camp Sunlight – From “The Pact” episode of Touched By An Angel
Camp Sunny Smiles – From the animated series Camp Lakebottom
Camp Tallpines – From the “Dennis Goes To Camp” episode of the TV sitcom Dennis the Menace
Camp Thundercloud – The Bob Newhart Show – Season 3, Episode 23
Camp Tikihama – From Psych’s “Tuesday the 17th” episode
Camp Tokopee – From the episode “You Can’t Get There from Here” of the 1965 sitcom My Mother, the Car
Camp Ujaama – From a sketch on Saturday Night Live
Camp Unity – From the episode “Veiled Threat” of King of Queens
Camp Victory – From the ABC Family TV show Huge
Camp Wannabe – From the episode “Camp Wannabe” of the TV show Weird Science
Camp Wannaweep – From the “Sink or Swim” episode of Kim Possible
Camp Wawanakwa – From the TV show Total Drama Island
Camp Winnipesaukee – From a sketch on the March 14, 2013, episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Camp Winokee – From an episode of The Andy Griffith Show
Camp Wonky Donky – From the “Big Time Secrets” episode of TV show Big Time Rush
Cedar Grove Fellowship Camp – From The Americans
High Feather Summer Camp – From the ’80s PBS program High Feather
High In The Wild – From the “Abbud” episode of Skins (U.S. version)
Jenna’s Kids – From an episode of the TV show 30 Rock
Kamp Krusty – From the TV show the Simpsons
Mine Camp – From the “Gay Camp” episode of Newsreaders
New Beginnings – From the “Gay Camp” episode of Saturday Night Live
Poland Springs Caddy Camp – From the “Same Picture, Different Frame” episode of Route 66
Triple R Camp – From the Mickey Mouse Club Serial The Adventures of Skip and Marty